Volunteer Policy


The Norfolk YMCA Aquajet Swim Team (NYA) is a non-profit organization operated entirely by volunteers.  To ensure the continued success of NYA, it is vital that each family assist and comply with all necessary tasks that are requested by the club.

SWIM MEETS:   Each family is required to provide at least one (1) volunteer for each home swim meet that their child is registered for.  There are many roles required in order to make a swim meet run efficiently.  Each year, NYA attempts to host 2-4 swim meets at the Norfolk Family YMCA (Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan).  As the meet approaches, a signup sheet will be sent out via email allowing each family with a child participating in the meet to volunteer in one of the many roles.  It can take up to 30-35 people to run a successful meet, so everyone needs to be willing to serve as a volunteer in some capacity(i.e. timer, concessions, clean-up, etc.) Volunteers will have an opportunity to choose which job they wish to do on a first come first served basis.

If a volunteer is not provided for the home swim meet in which you have a child participating in the meet, the family will be assessed a $100 fee (per meet).

We do understand that sometimes difficult circumstances can arise that might prevent/hinder having a volunteer from your family help at a meet.  We want to work with all families if/when these circumstances arise, so communicating with the Meet Director when special needs arise is extremely important.


AQUAJET FUNDRAISER:     Our club fundraiser is held in the summer months of each season.  Every swimmer who is a member of the club at any point in the season is expected to participate in this fundraiser.  Each family will be given a list of businesses or donors who have donated to the club in the past.  These businesses and/or donors have all donated to the Aquajets in the past.  We ask that you contact these businesses in the hope that they will again contribute to our club.  A list of all businesses and/or donors will be published in the meet program for each of our home swim meets as well as on the norfolkaquajets.com website.  This is our club’s only fundraiser of the year, and helps to provide funds which go toward swim equipment and team functions, and any other necessary expenditure for the club.  It is vital that each family who is given a list of business and/or donors assist the club in the process.  Failure to participate in the fundraiser will mean the assessment of a $100 fine.

Any fee that is accrued by a family due to failure to assist the club in volunteering at a swim meet or failure to complete the fundraiser packet, will be charged the fee in the Active swim program, also used for swimmer registration.

If for any reason you or your family is unable to assist the club with the policies listed above, please contact the a club representative to discuss the situation.  Although we desperately need each and every family’s assistance in making the club run efficiently, it is not our intention to penalize anyone for circumstances that cannot be controlled.

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