Team Policies


Statement of Intent

We, The Norfolk YMCA Aquajet Swim Club, are committed to providing a caring, friendly and safe environment for all our members so they can participate in swimming in a relaxed and secure atmosphere. The Club is committed to providing each member a responsive environment free of discrimination, violence and bullying. Our Club works to ensure that all members have the opportunity and support to develop to their fullest potential and share a meaningful bond with people in the club community.  The Norfolk YMCA Aquajet Swim Club believes that we all have the responsibility to keep ourselves and others safe and that we all have the responsibility to respect ourselves, others, and the property of others.

Any form of abuse is unacceptable in our Club.

If any minor abuse of a minor athlete or any form of inappropriate behavior does occur, all club members should be able to tell and know that incidents will be dealt with promptly and effectively. We are a TELLING Club. This means that anyone who knows that abuse or inappropriate behavior is happening is expected to tell the Coach, parent, Club Representative or other trusted adult.

All parents, athletes, coaches are required to read the full policy.  Click on link below to read the full policy.

2019 NYA Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy- Inappropriate Behavior Policy



The Norfolk YMCA Aquajet Swim Team is a non-profit organization operated entirely by volunteers.  To ensure the continued success of NYA, each family is required to provide at least one (1) volunteer for each home swim meet that their child is registered for and participation in the annual Ad Campaign Fundraiser.  It can take up to 30-35 people to run a successful meet, so everyone needs to be willing to serve as a volunteer in some capacity. 

If a volunteer is not provided for the home swim meet in which you have a child participating in the meet, the family will be assessed a $25 fee (per meet).  The Meet Director will provide a list of jobs (i.e. timer, concessions, clean-up, etc.) required to make each meet successful.  Volunteers will have an opportunity to choose which job they wish to do on a first come first served basis.

 We do understand that sometimes difficult circumstances can arise that might prevent/hinder having a volunteer from your family help at a meet.  We want to work with all families if/when these circumstances arise, so communicating with the Meet Director when special needs arise is extremely important.

 The Ad Campaign Fundraiser is held in June and July.  Each family is given a packet that contains cards with the names of  local businesses who have purchased ads in the past.  We ask that you contact these businesses in the hope that they will purchase an ad.  All ads are published in the meet program for each of our home swim meets.  This fundraiser helps to provide funds which go toward coaches wages, team parties, swimming equipment, etc.  It is very important that everyone do their part by participating in the selling of ads.   Failure to participate in the Fundraiser will mean the assessment of a $25 fine.



 If a swimmer who is not a registered member of the Aquajet team is entered as an Aquajet in an end of season meet to complete a relay or just because they would like to swim under the club name, the following will apply:

1. Athletes are required by USA Swimming to have a USA membership card.

2.  A YMCA membership is required, but can be purchased as a monthly membership as per YMCA policy.

3. The Aquajets will charge a reduced registration fee of $25 to cover coaching wages and administration expenses associated with the meet.  

4. The swimmer will be included with the rest of the athletes who are splitting the cost of coach transportation, lodging and food for the meet.