Returning swimmers registration

Registration for the 2021-2022 swim season is now open.  Registration will again be thru the Active Swim Manager registration site

REGISTRATION LINK:                                                                                       

You will use the same login info that you used last year to register, in doing so, most of the information will be self-populated into your forms.  The process is identical to last year.

The cost to register your child has increased $2 from last year, as our USA Swimming fees have increased the same.  You will be able to choose to pay the registration in full, or via the payment plan.   If you are registering multiple children, you are eligible to receive a $25 discount for each additional child that you register.  You must contact Kent via email/text ( to receive a “Coupon Code” prior to registering in order to receive the discount.  Please indicate how many total swimmers you plan to register.

Also, please take the time to read over the different waivers that are included in the registration process.  Some of the waivers have changed and there are some new ones.

Very Important – Please Read                                                                                                                             In addition to registering in Active, new to our registration process is Safe Sport Education for parents.  USA Swimming has taken the initiative in getting all swim clubs to become Safe Sport compliant.  In doing so, USA Swimming is doing their part in making the swimming environment that is created within our clubs, as safe as possible in many different aspects to everyone, most importantly the kids.

In order for the Aquajets to become compliant with USA Swimming requirements, it is mandatory for all parents of swimmers of the club to complete the online course.  This needs to be completed within the first couple of weeks of registration.  If the parents have not completed the respective Safe Sport Education training courses within the first couple of weeks of registration, we will remind you.   If you have not completed the online training after the first month of registration, your child will not be able to participate in any Aquajet functions (practice or meets).   

Below are links to USA Swimming for specific instructions on how to complete the courses for each of the two groups as well as the links to begin the courses.

There is also a course for swimmers between the age of 12-17.  This is an optional course at the moment.  The instructions on how to view that course is listed below as well.

Safe Sport Course Instructions                                                                                                                              Safe Sport Course link for Parents  (Required for 1 parent of each household)                              (Aquajets are in the Midwestern LSC)                                                                                                         Safe Sport Course for Swimmers age 12-17 (Optional)                                                                             Athlete Protection Training link for swimmers who are 18 years or older during the season (required)

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