Locker Room Policy


The Norfolk Aquajet Swim Team utilizes the locker rooms at the Norfolk Family YMCA.  These locker rooms are used for changing before and after daily swim practice and swim meets.  As a club, we follow the guidelines of the Norfolk Family YMCA, as well as guidelines encouraged by USA Swimming.

The Aquajets, along with the Norfolk Family YMCA prohibit all physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, threats, bullying, harassment, and hazing in the locker room areas.  Aquajet swimmers, coaches, and volunteers will be subject to disciplinary action for any violation of USA Swimming Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy (MAAPP 2.0), Norfolk YMCA Aquajet Swim Team, and Norfolk Family YMCA policies.


Use of cell phone and other mobile recording devices with recording capabilities, including voice recording, still cameras, and video cameras increase the risk for different forms of misconduct in locker rooms.  It is the policy of both the Norfolk Family YMCA and all USA Swimming clubs, including the Norfolk Aquajet Swim Team, that use of these device is strictly prohibited in locker rooms and other changing areas.

USA Swimming article 305.3:

Use of audio or visual recording devices, including a cell phone camera, is not allowed in changing areas, rest rooms, or locker rooms.


-The locker rooms are shared with all general members of the Norfolk Family YMCA.  As such, there are likely to be people who are not associated with the Norfolk Aquajet Swim Team in the changing area at simultaneous times.

-The Norfolk Aquajet Swim Team members who utilize the Norfolk Family YMCA locker rooms should use the area in a timely manner, exiting immediately after their purpose is accomplished.  We highly discourage the swimmers from lingering in the locker rooms before and after practice.

-The Norfolk Aquajet Swim Team coaches make every effort to recognize when an athlete leaves practice to go to the locker room, and if they do not return in a timely manner, their whereabouts will be checked if possible.

-We discourage parents from entering the locker rooms unless it is truly necessary.  If an athlete needs assistance with his or her swim gear, or an athlete’s disability warrants assistance, then we ask that the parents let the club know in advance in order to facilitate assistance.

-The Norfolk Aquajet Swim Team coaching staff or a USA Swimming non-athlete certified member of the club may conduct random sweeps of the the locker rooms during the course of the season.  Only members of the same gender will enter the respective locker rooms (women checking on female locker rooms, and men checking on male locker rooms).

Reporting Misbehavior                                                                                                                                             - Any level of perceived misbehavior in the Norfolk Family YMCA locker rooms should be reported to an Aquajet coach, Aquajet board member, or the Aquajet Safe Sport Coordinator.   This report can be initiated by any swimmer, parent, coach, or non-Aquajet observer using the Norfolk Family YMCA locker room.                                                                              – The report can be initiated verbally, by email, or in a written letter to any of the above Aquajet officials.  Once a report has been initiated, the Safe Sport Coordinator will draw up a record of the incident.                                                                                                                                          – The incident will be presented to the Behavior and Disciplinary Committee, and a plan of action will be initiated immediately.

Disciplinary Protocol

  1. Once a report of misbehavior is brought to a coaches or club officials attention, the Behavior and Disciplinary committee will review the report and determine if further action is necessary.
  2. If action is determined to be necessary, either one of the coaches or the Safe Sport Coordinator will either speak to the swimmer(s) and their parent(s) individually.  Furthermore, the team will be gathered in the bleachers before the next practice and spoken to regarding locker room etiquette, misbehavior, and respect towards one another.  Also, that misbehavior in the locker room and the Y property will not be tolerated.  In addition, if the report  brought to the attention of the committee is determined to require further action, any of the following disciplinary actions can occur.
  3. If a specific child or children are determined to be in violation of misbehavior, then the child or children may be prohibited from using the YMCA locker rooms for the next 7-30 days and their parents will be notified.  If no child or group of children are pinpointed in the report, then ALL children of the gender accused will be prohibited from the locker room for 14 days.
  4. If it is recognized that the problem persists in the immediate future, if a specific child or multiple children are recognized as the source of misbehavior, the child or children may be suspended from Aquajet activities (practice and meets) for the next 14 calendar days and will not be allowed in the locker room associated with Aquajet activities until further notice by the Behavior and Disciplinary Committee.   If no specific child is pinpointed as being the culprit, then ALL children of the gender in which the reports are pertaining to are prohibited from the locker room for a period of 30 days.
  5. Furthermore, it is within the limits of the Behavior and Disciplinary Committee to indefinitely prohibit locker room use by a specific swimmer and suspend the swimmer or swimmers from all Aquajet activities (practice and meets) if the misbehavior continues or additional reports are received.
  6. All disciplinary actions will be addressed with the parent or parents of the swimmers found to be in violation of misbehavior.
  7. Once a report has been received and if the location of the misbehavior is found to be in the locker room, a non athlete approved member of USA Swimming will randomly pass at a higher frequency thru the locker rooms of the same gender before and after practice to monitor the situation and display a presence.
  8. The discipline committee has the right to invoke alternative actions based on the severity of the reported misbehavior.
  9. If the misbehavior is deemed severe, YMCA officials, USA Swimming officials, and local law enforcement will be notified and further disciplinary actions will be observed in conjunction with Aquajet disciplinary recommendations.

What can be done as a parent?                                                                                                                            – Speak to your child.  It is important that each parent discusses with their child what is considered appropriate behavior and what is not.                                                                                        – Speak Up.  Encourage your child to speak to you as a parent, or a coach, or a teammate if they perceive anything to be inappropriate, or something that makes them uncomfortable.  Standing up to a bully can be difficult on a peer to peer level, however, encourage your child to talk to you if they feel they are being targeted, or if they witness another child being the target of inappropriate or misbehavior.


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