Swim Meet Information

We try to post all of the local meets that are more frequently attended by Aquajet swimmers.  The meet flyer is attached to the link if it is available.  At this point we cannot confirm which meets will have an Aquajet swim coach present.  It will be updated as we have that information.  We try to have a coach present, unfortunately, our coaches have obligations and commitments that prevent them from attending every meet.

Meets will be posted to your Active Swim Portal to sign up for as we receive the necessary information.  Be advised there are deadlines to register your child for meets.  These deadlines are typically 7-10 days prior the meet date.   We will  post on this webpage the upcoming meets and meet flyers.  The meet flyers will contain all of the information that a parent will need to know regarding the meet.  Please familiarize yourself with meet flyers as they can be very informative.

Regarding fees for swim meets.  For the most part, all YMCA swim meets have NO fees.  However, for all other meets, typically have fees.  These fees are in addition to your registration.  We are able to charge each swimmer for the appropriate meet fees thru the Active website as the meet occurs.  Typically, a 1 day meet will cost $20-30, depending on the host.

Be advised that once the registration deadline has passed, if your child has been registered, you will be responsible for those meet fees regardless of your child physically attending the meet.  Once we have sent the registrations into a host club, we are obligated as a club to pay those fees, making the parent ultimately responsible.

In addition to the meets that are posted on this webpage, and your Swim Portal, you are welcome to attend any other meets not posted.  If you find a meet that you would like to attend, please contact Kent and we will attempt to get it arranged.

Below is a link to the Midwestern LSC website which will show other swim meets held around the state that you are welcome to register for.

Midwestern LSC

Please feel free to contact Kent Olberding (kento14@hotmail.com or 402-316-9760) if you have any questions.