Aquajet Bylaws

                                                                              CONSTITUTION AND BY-LAWS  OF THE                                                                                   NORFOLK FAMILY YMCA AQUAJET SWIM TEAM ASSOCIATION

Article I - Name                                                                                                                                                Norfolk Family YMCA Aquajet Swim Team Association

 Article II – Purpose                                                                                                                                        The purpose of the Norfolk Family YMCA Aquajet Swim Team Association is to provide an opportunity for competitive swimming for the youth of the Norfolk area, in cooperation with the Norfolk Family YMCA.

 Article III – Membership                                                                                                                                      All youth participating on the Aquajet Swim Team, their parents/guardians and team Coaches.

 Article IV – Eligibility & Registration

Section 1 -  Any youth at least 6 years of age who has paid the required YMCA registration fee, is a member of the Norfolk Family YMCA, and is a member of USA Swimming.                                              A. The Norfolk YMCA Aquajets Swim Team Association shall charge fees to each                               swimmer.                                                                                                                                                                  B.  No swimmer shall be denied competing because he or she is unable to pay                                  the fees. When a hardship case arises, the Board of Directors will contact                                      the Norfolk Family YMCA for sponsorship of the YMCA registration fee. USA                                    Swimming also offers an Outreach Program which gives a reduced fee for                                      membership to those swimmers who meet the qualifications.

 Section 2– Any youth that has passed the required entrance skills assessment.                                                 A.  Prospective swimmers will be asked to meet required skills.                                                                            1. Ability to swim two (2) lengths of the pool or 50 yds.                                                                            2.  Kick one length of the pool on their back                                                                                                  3.  Submerge underwater comfortably                                                                                                              4.  Willingness to follow directions

                                         Assessment of swimmers and final determination will be the                                                               responsibility of the Coach. Coach has final say on placement or                                                         acceptance in the club.

                       B.   Application for review of exceptions to eligibility rules should be submitted                                  to the Board of Directors for review.

Section 3 – When a swimmer is over 60 days behind on payment of his/her meet fees, or any other outstanding fees, they shall be suspended from practice and meet participation until the bill is paid.                                                                                                                                                                          A.  When entry fees are charged for a meet, each swimmer is responsible for                                      paying all his/her fees, even though he/she may not have swum in the meet                                for one reason or another.  The Norfolk Family YMCA Aquajets Swim Team                                    Association pays these fees one to two weeks in advance and it is up to the                                  swimmer to notify the coach in advance if there is a conflict that will prevent                              them from attending the meet.                                                                                                                      B.  In the case of relay teams, when a member of the relay team doesn’t show                                    up and gave no advance notice they would not be able to attend or they                                        leave a meet early without notifying the coach, and a replacement can’t be                                  found, that swimmer must pay the fee for the whole relay team.                                                  C.  All outstanding balances must be paid before returning club members can                                    register forthe next membership year.

Article V. – Association Board of Directors and their duties                                                             

Section I – The Board of Directors for the Norfolk Family YMCA Aquajet Swim Team shall consist of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Acting Head Coach and Team Registrar.

Section 2 – Term of Office for President and Vice President should be for two years.  Secretary, Treasurer, and Registrar are appointed by the President when changes are necessary.  Election of Vice President shall be held in May of every other year with the filling of the office in August of the same year. The Vice President position is elected with a majority vote of the current Board of Directors.  The Vice President shall fill the President office after serving their own two-year term. The position of Head Coach is filled/approved with a majority vote of the current Association Board of Directors. Anyone elected must have been at the general membership meeting.

Section 3 – Duties of the officers are:
A.  President: The President shall conduct all meetings of the Board of Directors.                             The President shall also be responsible for lining up officials for all home                                       swim meets, attending Y League meetings or appointing a suitable                                                   representative to attend such meetings, and assume other duties as are                                         normal to this office.                                                                                                                                          B.  Vice-President:  The Vice-President shall, in the absence of the                                                            President, assume the duties of the President. The Vice President position is                                to a large degree a preparation time for serving as President. The Vice                                            President may be assigned to various areas of club activity during his/her                                      tenure to get experience. This will greatly assist them in getting enough                                          experience to be an effective President. The Vice President will act as                                              Chairman of the Coach Evaluation Committee.                                                                                        C.  Secretary:  The secretary shall record minutes of the meetings and                                                    be responsible for any other publicity that is deemed necessary by the                                           Association Board of Directors.                                                                                                                        D.  Treasurer:  The treasurer shall be responsible for the payment of bills                                              contracted by the Norfolk Family YMCA Aquajets Swim Team Association,                                     and  for collecting fees and depositing fees and other funds which are                                             collected by the Association.  The treasurer is responsible for keeping all                                        financial records, bank accounts, and financial reports to the Association up                                to  date and accurate. A financial report should be made at each Association                               meeting, as well as anytime such information is requested by an officer or an                             administrator of the Norfolk Family YMCA. The treasurer also shall make a                                     supply of cash available for home meets when necessary to make change                                     when we are selling concessions, programs, etc.                                                                                  E.   Acting Head Coach:  The Head Coach will be responsible for the instruction                                   and development of all member athletes in the sport of competitive                                                swimming.  The Head Coach will be responsibility for the development and                                  supervision of all assistant coaches. All Coaches will supervise all athletes at                                practice, meets and club related activities.                                                                                            F.    Registrar:  The registrar will be responsible for the USA Swimming and YMCA                               registrations for the Club, Athletes, Coaches and Officials.  The registrar will                                 keep up to date on the expiration of Coaches and Officials certification                                           requirements.

Section 4 – Financial Review: The Norfolk Family YMCA Aquajet Swim Team Association Board of Directors will conduct a review of the financial records and procedures of the club.  This review will be done on an annual basis.



Article VI. -  Committees

Section 1 - Standing Committees, with committee chairman appointed by the Board of Directors                                                                                                                                                                                                 A.  Concessions Committee:  This committee is in charge of the organization                                      of concessions for all home swim meets.  This would include the purchasing                                of all items for sale at the concession stand for each meet, set-up and clean                                  up at each meet, organizing  volunteer help the day of the meet, providing a                                financial report to the Treasurer aftereach meet.                                                                                   B.  Fundraising Committee: This committee is in charge of the annual Ad                                             Campaign Fundraiser.  This committee will present a financial report to the                                 treasurer at the conclusion of the fundraiser.                                                                                           C.  Accessories Committee:  This committee is in charge of ordering and                                               distribution of items for home swim meets. Provide a financial report to the                                 Treasurer after each home swim meet.                                                                                                      D.  Coach Evaluation Committee: This committee is responsible for                                                         performance evaluations of all current coaches.                                                                                   E.  Social Committee:  This committee is responsible for assisting the President                               with the Organization of team parties; pot-lucks, pizza parties, bagel Fridays,                               team breakfasts.                                                                                                                                                   F.  Behavior and DIsciplinary Committee:  This committee will be comprised of                                 one of the coaches, the club president, and the Safe Sport Coordinator.  This                               committee is responsible for reviewing any reports of misconduct by any                                      member of the club to include coaches, officials, swimmers, volunteers, and                                parents.   This  committee will review the report and issue a resolution to the                              report.

                    Special Note:  No alcoholic beverages may be served at any team function.

Section 2 - Special Temporary Committees shall be selected/appointed by the Association President and/or coach when necessary to complete a special task.

Article VII - Meetings

Section 1 - At least one meeting for the general membership will be held each year, in the fall at registration time.

Section 2 - Board of Directors meetings will be held in August to set the fall/winter meet schedule, coach wages, registration night date. December’s meeting will be held to review registration and home swim meets.  March’s meeting will be held to set up the summer meet schedule.  Board of Directors meetings will also be held whenever necessary as determined by the Association President, coach, or Vice-President.

Article VIII – Pre-Employment Screening          

Section 1 – In compliance with USA Swimming Article 502.6.8, the Norfolk YMCA Aquajet Swim Team will conduct Pre-Employment Screening of all swim coaches and board members.  In an attempt to maintain a safe and healthy training environment for our members, the Aquajets will perform the following screens prior to offering employment or a volunteer board position.                                                                                                                                                           A.  Two past employment reference checks                                                                                                   B.  Verify the highest level of education                                                                                                           C.  Acquire a Nebraska state motor vehicle report

At the discretion of the board of directors, the club may also perform optional screenings consisting of:                                                                                                                                                                                       A.  Social networks and /or Google media search

Article IX – Amendments

 The by-laws of this organization may be amended by 3 affirming votes of the Board of Directors.

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