Safe Sport Course Instructions

Safe Sport – Parents Guide to Misconduct in Sports Course                                                              – log into the parent’s account used to register the swimmer with USA Swimming                       USA Swimming login                                                                                                                                                – verify that the registered swimmer is listed in the My Family list                                                        – click on EDUCATION tab – - Course Catalog – - Parents/Volunteers                                                    – PARENTS GUIDE TO MISCONDUCT IN SPORTS course                                                                            Safe Sport Training for Parents – pdf instructions

Safe Sport – Safe Sport for Youth Athletes (13-17)                                                                                  -  this course must be completed in the swimmer’s own USA Swimming account                         -  to create a swimmer’s account, parent should first login to the parent’s account used to register their child with USA Swimming                                                                                                            – next to the child’s name, click VIEW – - click on CREATE A LOGIN ACCOUNT                                  – once swimmer account has been created and swimmer is logged in, click on EDUCATION    – click on Course Catalog – - ATHLETES                                                                                                              – search for SAFE SPORT FOR YOUTH ATHLETES (13-17)                                                                            - Safe Sport Training for Youth (13-17) – pdf instructions

Athlete Protection Training                                                                                                                                 – this course must be completed by all Aquajet coaches, swimmers 18 years of age and older, officials, board members, and meet directors                                                                                  – login into USA Swimming account                                                                                                                    ** if the person has never created an account, they will need to create an account with the Norfolk Aquajet Swim Team specific link                                                                                                          **** if the person is a coach, official, board member, or meet director, they will need to register and create a membership – - please contact Kent for which membership you should register for                                                                                                                                                      – once the person is registered and logged back into their USA Swimming account, go to the EDUCATION tab, and search for ATHLETE PROTECTION TRAINING (APT)                                  – if the person has completed the APT course before, they can take a REFRESHER course

MEET MARSHAL Certification                                                                                                                             - for all NYA home meets, the Norfolk Aquajet Swim Team is required to provide a male and female meet marshal.   There is a certification exam that each meet marshal is required to have completed prior to serving in the Meet Marshal role.                                              – to complete the Meet Marshal exam, log into your USA Swimming account or create an account via this link:   USA SWIMMING LOGIN                                                                                                -  click on EDUCATION – - Course Catalog – - Parent/Volunteer – - search for Meet Marshal exam                                                                                                                                                                                  – the exam is very common sense based, however, please view the Meet Marshal Training Guide for responsibilities on the role of Meet Marshal                                                                                – you MUST send Kent Olberding (NYA – Safe Sport Coordinator) a copy of your completed Meet Marshal exam  (please email to

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