Stroke and Turn Judges – observes the swimmers from the side lines/ends of the pool to endure the rules relating to the mechanics of each stroke are being followed and to ensure the starts, turns and finishes comply with the rules applicable to each stroke.

Referee – the person in charge of all officials at a sanctioned meet and the one who enforces all rules and decides all questions about actual conduct of the meet.  The referee also decides any point where opinions of the judges differ.

Starter –  the person who starts each race.  The Starter has control of the swimmers from the time they are assigned to their proper lane by the Clerk of Course until the gun is fired or horn is sounded.

Certified Administrative Official – the person who deals with entry problems, scratch issues, timing resolutions.  Is a sounding board for the Meet Referee and coordinates the information from the HyTek and Computer people to the Announcer.

There is education and training available to fulfill any of the ”Official” positions listed above.   This is a tremendous service you can provide to your swim team and to other teams in the Midwestern District.  There is a great need at this time for more volunteers in this capacity.

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