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Common Swimming Terms:

Short Course Season: swimming season which runs from September through the first of March.  Events are swum in a 25 yard pool.

Long Course Season: swimming season which runs from May through the end of July.  Events are swum in a 50 meter pool, usually outdoors.

IM or Individual Medley events: the term IM refers to any event in which the swimmer swims all four strokes in the same event.

Events: An event is a race with a designated stroke and distance.  For each such stroke a separate event is held for boys and girls in each age bracket.

Scratches and Disqualification:

A scratch is when a swimmer decides not to compete in the event he/she is entered in.  You must check with the coach for proper procedures as well as entry information.  There are time limits for scratching at some meets.  FEES WILL BE ASSESSED TO THE SWIMMER FOR ANY SCRATCHED EVENTS.

Disqualifications can be made only by the officials during the race.  Most disqualifications are for improper strokes.  When this occurs, the officials notify the coach and sometimes the swimmer.  Disqualifications are not made to penalize a swimmer but to help them improve.


Parents will be asked to help in various capacities at all of the meets we host during the course of the year. Likewise, our team will be asked to provide volunteer timers at many of the out of town meets that members of the team may attend.  It is vital that all parents be prepared to volunteer to help in whatever capacity is needed whether at home meets or away. Without your help and cooperation, there will be no club.

Guide to Swim Meets:

To make competitive meets as pleasant as possible parents should consider their own comfort as well as that of their swimmers.  At indoor meets, remember it is usually hot and humid in the pool area.  Dress in layers or lightweight clothes.  Informality is the rule.

At outdoor meets, remember it can be extremely hot, cold, wet or dry.  Sunglasses, sunscreen, lawn chairs, sweaters, shorts, raincoats, hats, pillows, blankets, sleeping bags, or small tents are some of the equipment you will see at meets.  Our team provides awnings at all outdoor meets for both swimmers and families to use.

Age group swimmers are remarkably well behaved considering the waiting such meets entail.  This is a good time to teach your child card games.  Supply books, games, playing cards, etc. to help pass the time.  Take things that do not require too much physical exertion as they are to rest when not competing in their events.

Have your swimmers arrive at the meet for a warm-up period, usually one half  hour before the meet starts.  The Coach will announce such information at workouts before the meets.  Be sure your swimmer is kept warm during waiting periods between events.  Socks, shoes, warm-up suits or pants and jackets are supplies you want to have at each meet.  In the summer a hat or head covering would also be helpful and sandals for walking on hot concrete.  Don’t forget the sunscreen.

Following each swim workout and shower, swimmers should dry their ears thoroughly to help combat the problem referred to as “swimmers ear”.  There are products you can purchase for swimmers ear from sporting goods stores or pharmacies.

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Nutrition Information

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