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For swimmers interested in joining the Aquajets for the 2021-2022 swim season, please contact one of the Aquajet coaches, or the club registrar (Kent Olberding) for more information and prior to beginning the registration process.  Or view the Returning Swimmer Registration or New Swimmer Registration tabs in the Registration tab.


1. Swimmers must be at least 6 years old and have passed the required entrance skills assessment in order to join the Aquajet Swim Team.

  1.  Ability to swim two (2) lengths of the pool or 50 yds.
  2.  Kick one length of the pool on their back.
  3.  Submerge underwater comfortably
  4.   Willingness to follow directions

2.  All swimmers must have a valid Norfolk YMCA membership to participate on swim team.

3.  All swimmers must pay the YMCA fees associated with joining the Aquajets. Registration forms and payment options are available for Premium and Flex Memberships to fit your individual needs.  Seasonal memberships must be paid in full.

4.  All swimmers must have a USA Swimming membership.  This membership fee is included in the club registration fee.

5.  All NEW athlete registrations must be accompanied by a clear photocopy of a government issued document showing proof of age.  Acceptable documentation includes: certified birth certificate, driver’s license, or passport. These documents are shredded upon  verification of information required for registration.

5. Team suits can be purchased at the start of the fall/winter season.  There is no obligation to purchase a suit.  If you wish to order a team suit after the fall registration, you can still order a suit on your own.  Information will be provided to you by the coordinator of team suits.

6.  Your swimmer may want to attend some swim meets during the season and fees are required at some of the swim meets you may attend.  Meet  fees are non-refundable because they are paid by the club treasurer well in advance of the actual day the meet is held. All fees associated with any meet are shown in the meet flyer for that particular swim meet. Most of the YMCA Swim League meets do not have fees.




PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP (Sept. 1, 2021 – August 31, 2022):

This membership is for :

  • all returning members (Must have a $0 account balance from the previous season before allowed to register for the upcoming season. Contact the club Treasurer at,,  if you have questions concerning your account.)
  • first time swimmers who want the opportunity to attend unlimited swim meets and unlimited practice
  • all Norfolk High School Swim Team members

Membership Details:

$314 for the first swimmer in each family

$287 for each additional swimmer in the same family

$249  for  Norfolk Senior High School swim team members

Valid September 2021 through the end of July 2022.

• Unlimited participation in meets during the year. Ability to qualify for  /  participate in Championship level meets.

• Insurance coverage including accident and liability insurance benefits once registration is complete.

• Opportunity to qualify for recognition programs.

• Opportunity to attend Development Camps.

Interested new swimmers may attend FOUR practices as a “try-out” week.  Swimmers will be evaluated by a Coach  to see if they meet the criteria for joining the team.   Please make prior arrangements with one of the Aquajet coaches.  



FLEX MEMBERSHIP: For 2021-22 registrations

Norfolk YMCA Aquajets are proud to offer a pre-competition team. This is a short- term commitment for those swimmers who are wanting to see what being on a swim team is all about.  If your child has never been on a swim team before, this is the perfect way to prepare them for a competitive team. Interested athletes must meet the requirements listed below.  This membership is available new swimmer and returning Flex members.  Must have a coach’s recommendation to enroll.

Membership Details:

  • Price: $100 per swimmer
  • Practice Tuesday and Thursdays from 4-5pm
  • Swimmers will be taught the basics of the four competitive strokes (freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly), pushing off and streamlining to flags with a dolphin kick, as well as competition starts and turns.
  •  Athletes will have the opportunity to swim in 2 competitive swim meets hosted by our team in October and November.
  • Interested swimmers can attend 2 practices as a free try out for this membership. Swimmers will be evaluated by the coaches to see if they meet the minimum requirements to join the Pre-Competitive Swim Team.
  • Includes same insurance benefits as Premium Member
  • Option to upgrade to Premium Membership after Nov. 7.
  • Available to athletes ages 6-18 years old.
  • Not available in Seasonal memberships. Flex Members can not transition to a Seasonal membership.
  • Not available to swimmers who will be on the Norfolk High School swim team.
  • Flex members are not eligible for Individual Recognition Programs or Development Camps.



Summer Membership

A summer membership is available for swimmers wishing to join the team for the summer only.  This membership is valid from April 15 – August 31.   Swimmers must have a valid YMCA membership.

2022 Seasonal Membership -  $187 *There is no discount for multiple swimmers in the same family for this membership.

Same benefits as premium membership except it only applies to the summer season (see dates listed above).

Registration for this membership opens April 15, 2022.

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