Safe Sport

Safe Sport is something we do, every day in every way. 

USA Swimming and the Norfolk Y Aquajets are committed to safeguarding all its members, with the welfare of its athlete members as top priority.  Safe Sport is USA Swimming’s comprehensive abuse prevention program and provides tools for swim clubs to educate their members and intervene in potentially risky situations.

The key to prevention is to create an environment where all members know the rules, are comfortable talking about it, and are empowered to recognize and report red flag behavior, boundary violations, and misconduct.  NYA adheres to the USA Swimming Safe Sport Best Practices Guidelines and MAAPP Policy.

If you see/know of any incidences of:

  • Physical, Verbal, Sexual, or Emotional Abuse
  • Bullying
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Inappropriate Communication
  • Travel Policy Violations
  • Accidents/ Injuries during team events

Contact & report information to USA Swimming and U.S. Center for Safe Sport.

USA Swimming (719) 866-4578  Deal with a Safe Sport Concern

U.S. Center for Safe Sport to make a report.  Use the online reporting form,  call  833-5US-SAFE (587-7233), or find more information at

Please contact Dave Nelson, the NYA head coach ( AND, Kent Olberding, the NYA Safe Sport Coordinator ( or another Board Member.


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