New Swimmers registration

For any swimmer who has not been an Aquajet swimmer in the past, please take the time to read this page.  First, if your child is interested in joining the Aquajets, please contact Kent Olberding ( or Amber Bargstadt ( to arrange an evaluation of your swimmer and a description of the club and how it works.  We will make an arrangement to have your child come to one of the practices within the first couple of weeks to receive an evaluation by Coach Amber.  Coach Amber will be able to provide you with the best recommendation as to whether your child is ready for the Aquajets, and which membership may suit your child best.   In addition to receiving an evaluation by Amber or any other of the Aquajet coaches, swimmers are allowed a brief “trial” period in which they can practice with the team to determine if the Aquajets is something they would like to pursue.  Typically we allow a swimmer 3-4 practices before registering to determine if they would like to join the club.

Unfortunately, if a swimmer is registered and the registration fee is paid, if a parent or swimmer decides to discontinue their membership or participation in the club, we will be unable to refund any portion of the cost of registration.  This is not to say that special scenarios cannot be accommodated with the Board of Directors approval.  Ultimately, we want each participant to enjoy their time as an Aquajet.

If your child is ready to swim,  you may watch a brief instructional video on the registration process, or you may proceed to our registration program (Active Swim Manager).  Active is the online platform that the Aquajets use for registration, billing, swim meet signups, meet fees, and the majority of our communications (email and texting).  Remember the login information you create, will be used again for meet signups as well as other Active functions.

If you have any questions regarding the registration process, please contact the club registrar, Kent Olberding (

There are a couple other items to complete the registration process.

1.  Birth Certificate:  You will need to get Kent Olberding a copy of your child’s birth certificate, or another legal id, (ie. passport).  This only needs to be a copy, not the original.  The birth certificate or legal id will be destroyed after verification by a USA Swimming official.

2.  Complete the Safe Sport Course for parents, and if your child is between the age of 12-17 years old, the Safe Sport Course for athletes.  This is an online course which needs to be completed within the first couple of weeks after registering.  If the courses are not completed after the first month of registering, your child will not be able to participate in any Aquajet functions (practice or meets) until the courses are completed.  Please use the following links to complete this process.                                                                                                               Instructions to complete Safe Sport Course for Parents                                                                   Safe Sport Course for Parents (required for at least 1 parent of each household)                         (Aquajets are in the Midwestern LSC)                                                                                                       Safe Sport Course for Swimmers (ages 12-17) (optional)                                                                         Athlete Protection Training (for all swimmers 18&O) (required)

At this point, your swimmer(s) will be completely registered as an Aquajet.  Here are some brief points regarding your upcoming swim season:

- As long as the swimmer is participating in the Aquajets, the swimmer MUST be a good standing member of the Norfolk Family YMCA.  This membership is taken care of with the YMCA, not the Aquajets

-Aquajet practice from Sept. 7 – Nov. 11 is from 4-5/530/6pm (or later, depending on the practice group your child is in).  From Nov. 15 – March, practice will move to a later time slot, likely 545-645pm and again last for 1-1.5 hours.  During the summer months (May-July), practice is from 8-9am, Mon-Fri.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

- Practice during the fall and winter are held at the Norfolk Family YMCA.  Practice during the summer months are held at the Norfolk Aquaventure Waterpark                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

 - Participation in all Aquajet functions is completely voluntary.  No practice or meet attendance is mandatory.  If your child wishes to practice twice per week or all 4 practices per week, that is fine.  If they need to take a month off during the season, they will be welcomed back whenever they opt to, as long as they are a paid member of the club                                         

-The coaches will determine which practice group your child will participate in (Gold, Silver, Bronze) .  This is important when practice times are being announced.

                                                                                                                                                                                                    -Premium membership swimmers are eligible to swim in any swim meet they would like to, or none, if they prefer.  Participation is completely up to the swimmer.  Typically the Aquajets host 2-4 swim meets during the winter months, and in addition, there are many meets held in the state that your child will be able to participate if you choose.  It is completely up to the parent and swimmer how many meets they attend.                                                                                       -

- Flex members are able to participate 2 practices each week (Tues & Thurs) from Sept.7 – Nov. 4 as well as 2 meets during the months of Sept-Nov. 7.

-Please view the UPCOMING MEETS tab within the website for more information on swim meets and how to sign up.

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